Grupo Maso is the leading travel organization in Venezuela, founded in 1954, operating in all segments of travel distribution: Corporate, Leisure, Outbound, Inbound, MICE, and Consolidation.

The Company has over 200 travel agency and free lance agent affiliates, and is affiliated to BCD Travel and Virtuoso.

We are driven by our continuous commitment to excellence and innovation, by our entrepreneurial spirit, by our desire to meet the most demanding needs of our clients, and by our pledge to Venezuela and its future.


Create and facilitate travel experiences and solutions that connect people and organizations with the world, where every client is unique and important.


 Transform the travel and tourism industry, placing the world within everyone’s reach.



We are pioneers, we are curious and innovative. We seek to be different; we are always one step ahead of others.

We make the right choice: We value integrity in all the decisions we make.

We try harder: We provide excellent service and quick responses with quality and precision.

We do it for you: We are moved to serve each one of the members of the organization, our clients and the communities with which we interact.

We are connected to the world: We are curious, we learn about everything, we seek to learn more, cultivate alliances and participate more actively in social and professional networks.

We work relentlessly We work hard, with passion, as a team, and very focused on delivering results.


To Promote Venezuela and Venezuelan’s development through Entrepreneurship and its Transformational Impact.


We believe in tourism and travel related experiences.
We have witnessed their transformative impact.
We do everything we can to make them happen.

We are passionate about connecting people with new possibilities.
Connecting travelers with destinations.
Entrepreneurs with opportunities.
Tourism with consciousness.

We believe in ideas that connect.
That promote the desire to discover.
That take people further.
Ideas that transform communities, organizations, and lives.

We believe in Venezuela because we know it well.
We are inspired by the resilience of its nature and its people.
We are inspired to keep working and see it thrive.